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Matcha, the ultimate superfood

Matcha improves energy, metabolism and mood - the ultimate zen combo in a cuppa! Qmatcha Green Tea gives purely a sustained, steady, calm energy lasting up to 6 hours to help you stay alert. All the health benefits in a concentrated form. Oh, and - without the crash!

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Matcha Gift Set

Matcha Gift Set

We'll put together Matcha Gift Set for a little treat for you or someone you love - this is the ultimate matcha lovers gift set, which includes:

Premium Qmatcha (30g)
Matcha 'Curvy' Bamboo Spoon
Matcha Whisk
Matcha Whisk Holder
Matcha Bowl*

It's a gift perfect for any occassions. Simply sit back, relax and leave the packing and wrapping to us! Let us know if you'd like to us to use a gift receipt.

*Bowls colours and designs may vary depending on stock